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Ohio: Michele Augustine is Freed

October 13, 2017

Somedays in this frustrating and emotional job we get a victory.  Last month we helped gain the release of Tuscarawas County Ohio resident Michele Augustine from an involuntary adult guardianship.  Michele was conscripted by her brother and sister and Community Mental Healthcare, in an apparent attempt to take over her estate, when they ex parte petitioned for guardianship over Michele in July 2016.  Michele had a successful career with Saks in New York, but due to an injury had decided to [- more...]

The Kormanik Saga in Ohio

November 14, 2015

Court Appointed Attorney Guardian Paul S. Kormanik and The family that drove him to suicide Early on the morning of October 5th, 2015, court appointed guardian, Paul S. Kormanik committed suicide in his home. As this was surely a tragedy for his family and loved ones, it was an atrocity for the thousands of victims he left behind – never to receive justice, closure or the satisfaction of knowing he was in prison. At the time Mr. Kormanik resigned his law license and was relieved of his wards [- more...]

Ohio: Convicted guardianship lawyer died of suicide, attorney says

October 6, 2015

Paul S. Kormanik, a Columbus lawyer who was convicted of bilking people he was paid to protect, was found dead on Monday morning in his Upper Arlington home. The Franklin County coroner confirmed his death and said that her office is investigating the cause. A Columbus attorney who took over some of Kormanik’s wards said Kormanik died of an apparent suicide. >>Unguarded: A Dispatch seriess Kormanik, 65, was to appear in Franklin County Probate Court on Monday to answer a charge of [- more...]

Ohio opinion: Changes made for guardians

August 5, 2015

Aug 2, 2015 Ohio Times-Reporter James F. Contini II: Changes made for guardians Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court adopted amendments to its rules concerning guardianships. The main reason that these changes occurred is due to an exposé done by the Columbus Dispatch concerning various guardianships and numerous problems and concerns involving those guardianships. That article specifically mentioned that thousands of vulnerable Ohio residents are in guardianships which are designed to protect [- more...]