Guardianship News:


The Al Katz guardianship fiasco retaliation against Beverly Newman

May 12, 2017

Advocate victim Beverly Newman needs our help getting the word out about the legal abuse going on in her life due to her father’s guardianship. She is being retaliated against and abused in 2 states. She is fighting in Indiana as well as against an eviction possibility in Florida. Even worse, she is being attacked with blatant anti-semitic tactics because her father Al Katz was a Holocaust survivor and Beverly and her husband Larry run the Al Katz center for Holocaust study. You can reach [- more...]

Indiana: Volunteer advocacy group works to protect the elderly

November 17, 2015

Bloomington will soon welcome a new volunteer guardianship program for the elderly community to help combat legal and financial troubles. According to an Area 10 Agency press release, Indiana is one of the few states that “does not have a state-supported public system of providing adult guardianship services for the indigent.” The release goes on to state that though the need for these services is increasing in Indiana, support from the state has yet to rise, which will leave the elderly [- more...]