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December 2, 2016   On Wednesday, the General Accounting Office of the US released a report that concluded what surely everyone involved in the guardianship arena already knows: There is too much that we don’t know about the scope of guardian abuse of older adults. “The extent of elder abuse by guardians nationally is unknown due to limited data on key factors related to elder abuse by a guardian, such as the numbers of guardians serving older [- more...]

From Advocate Rick Black on the case of Dr. Lillie S. White

November 23, 2016

FW: URGENT: Dr. Lillie S. White Case RB Rick Black Reply| Today, 12:45 PM;;; +22 more White.FOIA.Request.11.16.pdf121 KB 2 attachments (267 KB) Download all Save all to OneDrive – Personal Dear Florida public officials charged with protecting vulnerable seniors like Dr. Lillie White, I have written, called, or spoken to all of you concerning Dr. White’s case.  Sadly none of you engaged.  As you enjoy [- more...]

How one Ward is now free after 4 years and 2 million dollars squandered

November 17, 2016

Doug Franks said he would never give up trying to free his beloved mother from a horrific guardianship that isolated and impoverished her. Doug was true to his word and with AAAPG at and on his side, he tirelessly traveled from Atlanta to Tallahassee to testify at countless hearings and sessions of the FLorida Legislature. He had to fight off multiple ruthless lawyers, trustees, guardians, stubborn judges, dishonest caregivers and mercenary banks, but in November Doug beat them all and got his [- more...]

Guardianship exposed in Nevada Media Political Ads Against AG Masto

October 23, 2016

This new ad will run staring Mon or Tues October 23-24, 2016 and hit all Nevada TV networks hard. Our new friends, the Koch brothers have given the OK to now share since it’s just gone public on the net. This is follow up to the one about my dad; Masto’s people were pissed about dad’s ad and told FPAF to back off but instead they ran dad’s ad an extra week. Masto and her people will be surprised and unhappy again when they see Heidi Pascal in this new ad: [- more...]

Letter from a Victim in Maine

September 27, 2016

Dear Dr. Sam and aaapg, Our 91 year old father passed away on September 21 after over 2 horrific years as a ward of the state of Maine.  Ours was a classic case of abusive probate guardianship.  He had a trust fund he worked his entire life for to protect our mother and himself.  His will and advanced directives were firmly in place and he was hoodwinked.  Of 7 children, one, who has been indigent from birth, started the proceedings.  He won at every step of the game and profited as a [- more...]

Recent Comments from around the Country

September 21, 2016

I received a number of responses to my recent call for input from victims. Here are a few examples. What do you think? ================================================ Court-appointed guardianship is financial abuse of elders and in each state it has put a veneer on itself that falsely says they are helping people but all they are doing and it’s always lawyer is take control of people’s lives so they can take their money. It needs to be abolished. There is no reason for its [- more...]

Guardianship = Human Trafficking

September 13, 2016

From the huffington Post This summary article describes abusive guardianship and how it has become the most vile and egregious form of Human [- more...]

Non guardianship abject abuse of our most vulnerable by Guardians

June 10, 2016

What happens to elderly poor people who need to reside in a facility long term or to recuperate after an illness irrespective of their capacity status? They are often subject to the actions of predators who gain entry to the facilities in their role as a known guardian for some other resident. In this racket, they do not even need to go to the trouble of becoming this person’s guardian but still can garner a sizable monthly income and more with no supervision or risk while robbing the [- more...]

Report Ward Abuse (FLORIDA)

May 11, 2016

FLORIDA REPORTING TOOLS FOR VICTIMS AND FAMILIES OF GUARDIAN ABUSE The Guardianship industry is very powerful and can destroy a life in no time. The predators know every trick in the book–this is how they make their fortunes. They claim judicial immunity and routinely defame and destroy anyone who tries to defend a loved one. But you can take steps to lessen the likelihood they will destroy you and your loved one. Be aware that the Court process can be stopped at least for a while by [- more...]
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