Guardianship News:

Call to action: Please call your Federal Congressmen in support of SB 178

AAAPG and LCAO: Call to action AAAPG and LCAO: Call to action

The Leadership Council of Aging Organizations has designated Tuesday (January 31) and Wednesday (February 1) as call your Senators and Representatives days.  Here is the information from the American Society on Aging:

The Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (LCAO) is organizing call-in days next Tuesday and Wednesday, January 31 and February 1. This is an opportunity for you to contact your Senators and Representatives to let them know of your concerns about preserving these major programs. To participate, dial 866-426-2631.  Have your targeted zip code handy to be forwarded to the right Congressman.

I have not been able to speak with LCAO leadership about fraudulent guardianships but will continue in my attempts.  I would ask each of you to call your congressional leaders or the above number to simply demand protections for our seniors, including:

  • Support of Senate Bill 178, The Elder Abuse Prosecution and Protection Act.
    • Insure federal investigations of elder financial exploitation and oversight of guardian activities including a national registry of those adults under guardianship.
  • Commit to the continuous improvement of the Affordable Care Act.
    • If Congress votes to repeal the ACA, a replacement package that provides equivalent or improved access to affordable, quality health coverage must be included in the same legislation.
  • No cuts to and restructuring (block granting) of Medicaid and more resources to investigate and prosecute Medicaid fraud.
    • Older people and people with disabilities account for two-thirds of Medicaid spending. The program is the primary public source of funding for long-term services and supports. Program cuts, along with block grant or per capita cap proposals would hurt people who have no alternative means of paying for essential services.
  • Preserve Medicare for current and future older people and people with disabilities.
    • Medicare is a huge success story, with strong support from all Americans. Please oppose Premium support or any proposal to shift more costs onto beneficiaries or make health care far less affordable and accessible to older people and people with disabilities.

To participate, dial 866-426-2631.  Please phone TUESDAY, Jan 31, 2017 or WEDNESDAY February 1, 2017. It will only take a minute and could help highlight the importance of protecting the elderly and disabled from abuse.